Mind Image    
■ Color   ■ Nature
Rainbow   Sky; >
Red1 Red2    Morning
Orange1 Orange2    Noon
Yellow    Evening
Green    Night
Blue1 Blue2   Sea;Ocean; >
Purple; Violet; Magenta    Morning
Cyan    Noon
Black  Evening
Gray    Night
White1 White2   Ship
Sepia   Tree1 Tree2
    Flower1 Flower2 Flower3 / the four seasons
■ Design   Mountain; >
Human1 Human2    Morning
Face    Noon
Woman1 Woman2    Evening
Objet1 Objet2    Night
Nature   Fuji Glacier
■ Family   ■ Remains; Ruins
Family   Ancient times; Antiquity
Children; kid   Middle ages; Medieval1 Medieval2
Marriage   Modern times
    Japan1 Japan2
■ Life; Living   ■ Foods
East; Asia; Orient   Fruit
West1 West2   Vegetables; Greens Agriculture; Farming
Japan1 Japan2 Court noble Old people   Foods
Men & Women   Dining table (West)
Men1 Men2   Dining table (Japan)
Women1 Women2 old Lady   Tableware1 Tableware2
Solitary Lonely1 Solitary Lonely2   ■ Indoors
Feast; Festival   Room
Buddha1 Buddha2 modern Buddha   Space
Buddhist priest Pray1 Pray2   Furniture; Interior
Samurai   Chair; Stool; Sofa
Japanese aesthetics   Stairs
Japanese historical play / novel    
■ Tool   ■ Music; Sports
Tools1 Tools2   Music Enka Bonodori
Money   Sports1 Sports2 Sports3 Sports4
Watch1 Watch2 Watch3 Watch4 Watch5   Kudoki (old Japanese music)
Book & Writing implements   ■ Town; City; Downtown
PC Network   West1 West2
■ Industry   West Classic
Factory   Japan1 Japan2
Machine1 Machine2 Machine3   Building1 Building2
    Department store  

Mind Image

The scenes of the old days crossed my mind.
I imagined the way ...
The sight is engraved in my memory.
I kept in mind what everyone had said.
The sight touched me.
It was a very touching sight to see.

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